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Ryan Pafford partner and realtor at Points West Agency in Parker, Denton and Tarrant County, TX


Cell: (972) 822-3111

Email: ryan@pointswestagency.com

Ryan Pafford is a partner and licensed real estate agent at Points West Agency. Despite growing up in the corn fields surrounding Green Acres in Kokomo Indiana (yep, we’re serious), Ryan now knows the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex like the back of his hand. After having lived in three of the four counties that make up the Metroplex, Ryan and his family settled in and purchased their home in Aledo, Texas.

His career experiences leading up to co-founding the Agency have been diverse, which plays into his resourcefulness and understanding of so many sides of real estate deals. He’s held positions in information technology, sales, and marketing and graphic design. Ryan also worked with an economic development team on commercial retention and commercial recruitment projects, which only further fueled his understanding of the ever-changing market.

Now Ryan leverages his real estate license and past experience to work with buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties in the Denton, Parker and Tarrant County areas. When it comes down home buying and selling, Ryan loves a good deal, from the research leading up to each deal, to finding the sticking points of both sides, to analyzing positions and using them to create favorable terms. Put him at a negotiation table and he’s in his element.  No two deals are ever the same and, if you know anything about Ryan by now, you know when there’s something to accomplish or learn, he is all over it. This same philosophy carries into how he runs Points West Agency: always embracing new technology and new media and staying on top of market trends in home buying and selling.  Plus, with every new deal, Points West Agency doesn’t add another client to the roster; the Agency is building lifelong relationships.

When he’s not helping clients buy or sell their homes, or running to the hardware store on their behalf (yes, he’s been known to do that, too), you can find him supporting the Aledo Education Foundation or somewhere on a lake – boating, wakesurfing, water skiing, etc.  And in case having a toddler in the house wasn’t noisy enough, Ryan decided to go back to playing drums, but thankfully most of this is done at New River Church in Parker County.


Meet Points West Agency Associate Realtor April Britt, dedicated to providing the best services in home buying and selling.


Cell: (817) 995-0376

Email: listing.lady@pointswestagency.com





Meet Points West Agency Associate Realtor Paige Hayes, dedicated to providing the best services in home buying and selling.


Cell: (817) 219-7145

Email: paige@pointswestagency.com





Meet Points West Agency Associate Realtor Rainie Higgins, dedicated to providing the best services in home buying and selling.


Cell: (817) 800-0986

Email: rainie@pointswestagency.com

Rainie is able to relate to clients on many levels. For one, she has owned an equestrian center and been a horseback riding instructor for the last 16 years. Her educational background is in accounting, which also means this agent knows numbers and has a keen attention to detail. In addition, Rainie has been on the client side of real estate deals, buying and selling fixer-uppers her entire life. When she finally decided to add real estate agent to her resume, she chose to join the team at Points West Agency because of the personal care the agency gives each and every client during the home buying and selling process. This personal care fulfills Rainie’s passion for helping people on their journey to find their dream home. When Rainie is not helping clients, the Fort Worth native can be found spending time with her welsh ponies and two grandbabies.


Meet Points West Agency Associate Realtor Bella Pafford, dedicated to providing the best services in home buying and selling.


Office: (817) 717-6036

Cell: (972) 757-7760

Email: bella@pointswestagency.com

A Texas native originally from Highland Village, Bella now resides in Aledo, Texas with her husband, three-year-old son, and three Golden Retrievers.

Bella’s path to Points West Agency was far from traditional. After graduating from Texas Woman’s University, she completed an internship with the Denton County District Attorney’s Office in the Child Abuse Prosecution Unit. Upon leaving the DA’s Office, she took her first job as a legal assistant, specializing in civil litigation and business law. Additionally, Bella has volunteered for the Children’s Advocacy Center and Dallas CASA, often translating for Spanish-speaking clients.

In the summer of 2017, Bella finally made the career jump to becoming a licensed agent after attending the Champions School of Real Estate. How did Bella get involved with a leading Fort Worth real estate firm? Through her husband, Ryan, a partner of Points West Agency. For Bella, the best parts about working at Points West Agency are working alongside her husband and being able to foster new relationships while providing nothing but the best for her clients.


Meet Points West Agency Associate Realtor Joe Tillman, dedicated to providing the best services in home buying and selling.


Cell: (817) 629-2187

Email: jtillman@pointswestagency.com

Joe Tillman has been on all sides of real estate transactions. A small business owner, director of operations for a large, multi-unit QSR, and homeowner, Joe’s experience has helped him to really understand real estate deals and know what to look for in home buying and selling. In fact, his work in developing restaurants led him to connect with Ryan Pafford, partner at Points West Agency. The family atmosphere and professionalism Points West Agency delivers in transactions, above and beyond that of other brokers, stood out to Joe and made him realize yet another passion: helping others to achieve their dreams and goals in their quest for a home or real estate investment. Now Joe is a real estate agent at Points West Agency, fulfilling his goal every day of helping others and hunting down the best deals in home buying and selling for his clients.

Originally from Keller, Joe attended The University of Oklahoma and Tarleton State University and earned a communications degree with a minor in technical writing.

Today, Joe resides in Aledo with his wife, Morgan, and two children: Hayden, 4, and Declan, 7 months. His family loves everything related to horses, the outdoors and the gym. In his “spare time” (because running successful restaurants, serving as an agent, and being a husband with two children isn’t quite enough), Joe serves in the Guard as a 1st Lieutenant. He also spent two years leading youth at New River Church and now helps co-lead the Young Adults Ministry.



Cell: (817) 240-1432

Email: thaddius@pointswestagency.com 

Originally hailing from Godley, Texas, Thad now resides in Fort Worth with his wife, Casi, and four-year-old son, Seger.

Though Thad is now regarded as one of the real estate industry’s best, he started off on a much different path. After earning a Political Science degree at Texas A&M University, Thad began his highly successful career in the political field, holding positions in the Executive Office of the White House and working as an International Director for Wall Street Market Research. While working as a Director, Thad produced Economic Investment guides that afforded him the ability to live in 14 different countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

However, Thad’s career path changed after pursuing and receiving his real estate license in 2007. As for why he made the big jump? His love for the field, including the properties, homes, developments and ever-changing real estate trends!