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We are your real estate agency for North Texas home buying and selling. Our team consists of the most knowledgeable agents. It’s our job to know the latest conditions, government regulations and upcoming developments in the Denton, Tarrant and Parker County real estate market — so you don’t have to.

Whether you are a buyer, an investor or a seller needing professional marketing and sales services, our team of professional agents will help you in the process. We delight in helping people succeed!

We make the house hunting process much easier and more efficient, whether you are a NTX native or an out-of-state buyer, we can help!  We’ll save you valuable time every step in the process by connecting you to local experts we trust and use on a daily basis. 

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Ryan Pafford is a partner and licensed real estate agent at Points West Agency. Despite growing up in the corn fields surrounding Green Acres in Kokomo Indiana (yep, we’re serious), Ryan now knows the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex like the back of his hand. After having lived in three of the four ... Read More
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Joe Tillman has been on all sides of real estate transactions. A small business owner, director of operations for a large, multi-unit QSR, and homeowner, Joe’s experience has helped him to really understand real estate deals and know what to look for in home buying and selling. In fact, his work in ... Read More
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Brandon Yeager, an oil and gas industry veteran, started his career in real estate roughly four years ago while maintaining his career in operations at an independent oilfield service based out of Denver, CO. Originally from Fort Worth, Brandon now resides in Godley, TX with his wife who is also a ... Read More