2021 Interior Design Trends

As 2020 has wrapped up and the new year is on the horizon, we’re taking a look at the top interior design trends that we can expect to see in homes in 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to spend most of the last year at home, our living spaces were brought to the forefront. Going into 2021, we will see these four new and revived trends generated from the increased investment on homes and properties. 

1.     Natural Earthy Tones

Focusing on increasing comfort, we can expect to see more consumers shifting to implement more natural and earthy tones into their homes. Deep greens and blues, as well as warm neutrals, offer a calming ambiance that will literally set the tone for a more soothing environment. Woven throughout your entire home, this trend will help create a place of ease and comfort for all.

 2.     Relaxed & Cozy

Say goodbye to unused or uncomfortable rooms and say hello to relaxed and cozy vibes. As part of this trend, comfort and style will work hand-in-hand to produce rooms that are both beautiful and usable. We will see an increase in softer fabrics and textures, larger sitting areas and more comfortable furniture.

3.     Entertainment Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone temporarily say goodbye to public events, bringing all entertainment into the home. Due to this change, we can expect to see more dedicated entertainment spaces in homes. Whether for gaming, cinema or just family nights, these spaces will become the epicenter of many properties and the go-to spot for all entertainment.

 4.     Throwbacks to Better Days

The impact of the past year and the devastation of COVID-19 caused many consumers to long for better days and happier tomorrows. Similar to how people love to look back at pictures from the time before the pandemic, we will see many homeowners implement these fonder memories throughout their home. Family heirlooms, vintage pieces, older décor and so much more will be woven into homes to be viewed fondly and bring an air of happiness and nostalgia into the home.

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