5 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects While Social Distancing

As we head into our third month of social distancing, the place you love and call home may be starting to feel a little stale. Whether you’re noticing parts of your home that need improvement or you’re just looking for a little refresh, we’ve put together a list of easy DIY projects that anyone can do while we’re all at home

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Take your home office up a notch with, perhaps, one of the easiest DIY projects: painting. No matter what your design aesthetic is, pick a color that’s energizing and makes you feel motivated to get to work. This small improvement will make your space feel brand new and could get you out of the slump you feel yourself slipping into. 

2. Switch Out Your Faucets

Leaky faucet or wanting an upgrade? If you can wield a wrench, you can easily install that new faucet you’ve been wanting. Swap it out for some unique, modern black hardware or get that magic, touchless faucet you’ve had your eye on for the kitchen. You won’t believe the difference it will make if you just swap out that one leaky faucet that’s been driving you nuts. Just remember! Turn off your water before you start this project, unless you want to turn your kitchen floor into a splash pad for the kids.

3. Upate Light Fixtures

You’d be shocked at how well an updated light fixture can transform the entire look and feel of a room. Swap out old, outdated lighting above your counters for more modern pendants or industrial-style lighting. Depending on what you choose, this is a super simple and cheap project with satisfying results.

4. Swap Out Pulls and Knobs

If you love your kitchen or bathroom, but still want to give it a little refresh, installing new drawer pulls or cabinet knobs is an inexpensive way to do just that. Even if you don’t like your actual cabinets or drawers, new handles allow you to easily upgrade the space until you’re ready to completely renovate.

5. Upgrade to Smart Tech

If you’re ready to enter into the future, there are countless smart home products for you to choose from. Some are as simple as plugging in a smart hub like an Amazon Alexa, while others require a little more than that. Two smart upgrades to consider include:

  • Smart doorbell: Video doorbells are gaining traction lately as they double as a doorbell and a security camera for your front door. Installing one is pretty similar to changing out a light switch with the process involving removing your old doorbell and connecting the new device to your Wi-Fi.
  • Smart home hub: With a wide variety of smart home hubs out there from companies like Amazon, Google, Nest, etc., you’re bound to the find the right one that fits your budget. These devices allow you to connect to smart outlets, lightbulbs, TVs and more. These devices are a great way to make your home feel innovative and run more efficient.


Now that you’ve upgraded your home a bit, are you feeling like it’s time for a complete refresh? Our agents are ready to help you sell your home or find the home of your dreams, so visit our Contact page or give us a call at (817) 717-6036 to get the process started today.

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