5 Tips for Home Sellers Navigating a Pandemic

While 2020 may be over with, the pandemic is still very much here and a part of our daily lives.   If you are looking to sell your house in 2021, your chances of facing some unique challenges due to the pandemic are still high. You know you need to showcase your home in the best possible light, and never has this been truer than now. With restrictions still in place in many states and many continuing to take precautions, it’s likely that buyers may be feeling some hesitation.

So, how do you keep yourself and potential buyers safe during such a complex time? Trust and safety are important to the process. Read on for our top five tips to keep in mind as you navigate selling your home during COVID-19:


1. Don’t Be Scared... Be Prepared. 

When selling a home in 2021, there’s a whole new meaning to the seasonal concept of “spring cleaning.” As you prepare for open houses and tours don’t get overwhelmed by the task of tidying up. Involve the whole family while you dust and vacuum all areas of your house, put away or hide personal items, sanitize, etc. Not only is deep-cleaning a great way to start off the new year, it’s also a crucial step to ensure your home makes a great impression with potential buyers.


2. Set Your Expectations

Before you let potential buyers in the door, be sure they are following proper pandemic procedures. Work with your realtor to politely ask visitors to avoid touching items such as your personal belongings. Sanitize frequently touched areas such as furniture, doorknobs, and light switches after each showing to ensure you and your family continue to stay safe. Be sure to limit the number of people in your home at one time to only a few. And don’t forget to still treat potential buyers as your guests! Provide hand sanitizer at entrances, along with light packaged snacks and sealed bottled water. 


3. Create a Showing Kit for your Home

Who says potential buyers have to be inside your home to enjoy it? Upon arrival, consider providing your visitors with a plastic bag filled with pictures of the staged and sanitized space and additional information. This adds a personal touch to the experience and helps keep everyone safe.


4. Negotiate from a Distance

Secure video-meeting platforms such as Zoom are useful tools for meeting with potential buyers, agents, and realtors.  As with so many things during the pandemic, technology can help you as you make important decisions about the closing process on your home.  Additionally, to ensure potential buyers feel extra safe in your home, rely on your realtor to show the space. Take the day to run some errands or go to lunch to ensure that everyone can adhere to social distancing guidelines.


5. Keep an Open Mind

As the song once said- you can't hurry love. The same is true when it comes to selling your house! The best thing you can do is stick to the pandemic safety program that works for you and the right buyer will come along. The pandemic is complicated and so is the process of moving on from your home. Despite the obstacles, you can still do things your way. Talk with your realtor to establish the best plan for your family and the right buyer will come along!


Are you struggling to list, stage, and sell your home during the pandemic? Whether you’re a first-time home seller, having the right agent can make moving on from and selling your home a smoother process. Our agents are prepared to help you get your listing sold, so visit our Contact Us page or give us a call at (817) 717-6036 to take your listing to the next level.









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