Prepping Your Home for Allergy Season

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and that means the constant sneezing, sniffling and everything else that comes with allergies is in the air as well. Outside of medications and other clinical treatments, there isn’t an official “cure” for springtime allergies, but there are ways to prepare your home to help curb and even prevent your allergies from flaring up. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips that could save your sinuses this spring.


Limit Outdoor Activity on High Pollen Days

Contrary to popular belief, high pollen count days don’t just occur on warm, sunny days. Rainy days and thunderstorms can dredge up pollen and then spread it through thunder and lightning making you more prone to a reaction on those days. Be sure to check the count each day and stay inside as much as possible to reduce your risk of exposure.


Wash Your Bedding Weekly

If there’s one room that you can keep completely allergen-free this time of year, you’re going to want to make it your bedroom. To help do so, wash all your bedding on high heat weekly at a minimum and get slips for your mattress, box spring, and pillows. Be sure you’re washing those slips as well.


Make Your Vacuum Your Best Friend

Anything with upholstery or fabric, including carpets and couches, can be a breeding ground for allergens, particularly dust mites. You’ll want to be sure to vacuum these areas of your home frequently and don’t forget about the tapestries, drapes, curtains and even decorative pillows.


Bathe Pets Weekly

Look what the cat dragged in – your adorable furry friend is at risk of dragging in a bunch of allergens that can cause a reaction. And since bathing weekly is easier said than done, cleansing wipes for your fur baby can do the trick between bath times.


Change Your Air Filter

Keeping your house well-ventilated can be a great line of defense against allergens. While it’s highly recommended to change your air filter seasonally, it’s an even better idea to change it every month during allergy season. By doing so, you'll help prevent allergens from collecting and circulating throughout your home. 


Now that you’ve prepped your home, you should be ready to take allergy season head-on! We hope these tips help you breathe easy and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Our agents are also ready to help you breathe easy during the home buying and selling process, so visit our Contact Us page or call us at (817) 717-6036 to get the process started today! 




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