Pros and Cons to Keep in Mind When Buying a House

Congratulations – you’re ready to start the hunt for your dream home! Before starting out on this new, exciting adventure, it’s important to understand the pros and cons to look for when beginning your home search. Follow our tips below to start out on the right home-buying foot – happy hunting!

Pro #1: Location

Location can be one of the most influential parts in buying a house. Do your research about the area, whether you’re looking for a property where you can easily go out to eat, shop or just walk around.

Pro #2: New Appliances/Features in The House

A house with renovated or new appliances and features is a big plus when house hunting! It's important to take notice of these things so you’re not left feeling unsatisfied and having to upgrade a year after you move in.

Pro #3: Storage

I think many homeowners agree that they can never have enough storage. When buying a house, consider the amount of storage you need. Finding a house with bonus storage rooms can be a huge plus when buying a house! Take the time to think about the items you have and if the home you have your eye on will have the storage to fit it all. 

Pro #4: Outdoor Space/Pool

If you have dogs, kids or like entertaining outdoors, make it a priority to find outdoor space that you love. Consider the outdoor space just as important as the indoor. Many people get so caught up in the inside, that they forget about the outdoor space!

Con #1: Foundation Issues

Most houses have hairline cracks, which are completely normal. However, be aware of large cracks, and sticking doors and windows. These all can be signs of a bigger foundation problem. Foundation repairs can be one of the most costly repairs in a home, so it is important to make sure everything checks out before purchasing a home. The best way to make sure the home doesn't have any structural issues is to have a structural engineer conduct an inspection before you decide to buy.

Con #2: The Neighborhood

It is important to understand that when purchasing a home, you are, in a way, also purchasing the neighborhood. Many buyers get wrapped up in the home that they forget to consider the neighborhood itself. It’s important to make sure that you are purchasing a home in a neighborhood that you feel comfortable in. 

Con #3: Mold

Mold problems are not easily discovered and should be a red flag all homeowners have in mind when purchasing a home. Mold can lead to various health problems for people of all ages. It is important that when conducting an inspection, the inspector is able to point out any mold the house may have. Mold remediation can be very costly and timely, so it is important to make sure that the house is mold free.

Con #5: Fresh Paint In Any Spot:

Be sure to pay close attention to all the walls, ceilings, floors, and doors in the house, to make sure that there aren't any random spots of fresh paint. If there is fresh paint in random areas, this usually means that someone is trying to cover something up. If you see this, assume that there is something wrong and be sure to ask questions to find out why the paint is there.

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