The Importance of Curb Appeal

Simply put, curb appeal is about possibilities for your home’s exterior. The way the outside of your home looks can bring intrigue for passersby, or those scrolling through listings online. While sometimes curb appeal can be overlooked, it's an important detail and can help you know when a house is right for you and do the same for potential buyers of your home. Once you know what you want to do to improve it, the sky's the limit!


Let’s Talk: What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal can be loosely defined as, “the level of attractiveness one may feel from viewing a home from across the street.” Because of curb appeal, your home could either be the beautiful centerpiece of a neighborhood or that sore thumb that sticks out. Today, we’re here to help you figure out how to give your house the right curb appeal and not break the bank in the process.


Three Tips for Curb Appeal

1. Give Your House A Fresh Coat of Paint

The outside of your home experiences a lot of weather throughout the years and a fresh coat of paint can help fix that right up! While painting the outside of your home neon yellow may make you happy at that current time, not everyone will love it as much as you do while they pull up in the driveway, or pass by. Try going for something more neutral and let the style of the house itself, whether it be A-frame, Victorian, or modern, speak for itself. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for homes lately is all white with elements of black. Find what inspires you and go for that! To help you with this task and if it’s part of your budget, ask your friends- or our Points West Agency team - for painter recommendations, so the job is done right and professionally.

 2. Get Your Green Thumb Out

While yard work may not be a passion of yours, you would not believe the difference it can make for your home’s curb appeal. Plus, having a freshly groomed yard shows prospective buyers your home's potential and gives them an idea of how well taken care of the home is on the inside. You could even try discovering your green thumb by planting something that blooms during peak real estate seasons. Trust us, it will take the house to the next level. Or, if you can afford it and prefer to leave it to the professionals, ask your neighbors (or your real estate friends at Points West Agency) for lawn care provider contacts.

 3. Upgrade Your Porch

A front porch is a beautiful thing. It’s a sanctuary from being indoors without actually leaving home and the perfect place to relax with a drink or a book on a nice day. On top of bringing benefit to your everyday life, updating your porch furniture has the added benefit of increasing your home’s curb appeal. Afterall, installing a wooden porch swing with a cushioned seat could seal the deal for the next owner. Visit a furniture store or browse at local garage sales to find those perfect pieces for your home’s front porch. 

Now that your home’s curb appeal is updated and ready, contact us today at (817) 717- 6036 to get the selling process started.





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