Tips for Your Final Walk-Through

Your Final Walk-Through Checklist

 Purchasing a home can be a lengthy process, but it’s important to stay focused throughout the entire journey – from the mortgage applications and home searching to making an offer and getting the home inspected. One step that should never be skipped before closing is the final walk-through. Before you sign on those dotted lines, check out a handful of our walk-through tips below! 

What Should You Take to the Final Walk-Through?

  1. Home purchase agreement: It’s a good idea to keep your contract on hand during the final walk-through in case you need to reference it. Everything from the appliances included in the purchase to repairs that should be done before the final walk-through will be included in that contract. 
  2. Home inspection report: Your home inspection report contains all the results from the home inspection you previously had conducted. This is another good document to have on hand during the final walk-through so you can review the issues the inspector flagged and check that the seller made the requested and agreed-upon repairs. 
  3. Pen, paper and sticky notes: Take good notes on anything that stands out and use sticky notes to mark any areas in the house that might need further attention – like drywall or mold. 
  4. A camera: Take photos of anything that concerns you in and around the house.
  5. Something to test outlets:  Electrical issues can be a huge concern, especially in older homes, so bring something along like a night light or phone charger to test out each outlet – especially if the seller agreed to fix any specific ones.

 What to Check During a Final Walk-Through?

  1. The final walk-through date has arrived, and you have all your supplies at the ready! Now, what exactly should you be looking for? 
  2. Turn on and off every light
  3. Run hot and cold water through all faucets and check for leaks
  4. Test all appliances
  5. Check garage door openers
  6. Open and close all doors
  7. Flush every toilet
  8. Inspect ceilings, walls and floors
  9. Run the garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  10. Test the heater and air conditioner
  11. Open and close all windows
  12. Make sure all debris is removed from the home

 Now that you’re ready with your checklist in hand and all the items you’ll need, all that’s left is the final walk-through! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for any warning signs that something is off, document the problem and let your realtor know! If you’re still at the beginning of your home search process, then don’t go at it alone. Contact our agents and we’ll walk through the home sale together! Visit our contact page or give us a call at (817) 717-6036 to get things started. 




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