Top 10 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

Moving can be a stressful, long, and tiring ordeal, even under the best of circumstances. Adding COVID-19 to the mix might bring about new questions, concerns, and worries that may not have crossed your mind before. You may see postponing your move as an easy solution, but many are finding themselves in situations where waiting to move is simply not an option.

So, can you move during COVID? The answer to this question is yes. While there is no law prohibiting moving, and both real estate and moving companies are considered essential businesses, it’s still vital to practice safety. Make sure you’re following CDC guidelines, your local guidelines, and practice safe social distancing as much as possible. 

Keep reading for our top ten tips to consider when moving during COVID:

Tip #1: Keep Open Communication with Your Movers

Whether you are using professional movers, family, or friends to help move, it’s essential to have clear communication regarding your expectations with your helpers. Talk to them about maintaining a safe social distance, abiding by guidelines, and make sure your movers haven’t been exposed to anyone who’s tested positive for COVID.

Tip #2: Be Organized and Plan Accordingly

Being organized and planning accordingly will allow you to have an easy and virtually stress free move. Before the actual process of moving begins, decide what items need to be thrown away, moved, or donated. This will help condense the number of items being moved and save you time when moving to result in less of a chance to be exposed to COVID.

Tip #3: Take Time to Disinfect and Sanitize

If using a moving company, ask about their sanitation guidelines or what they’re doing differently for COVID. Make sure said company is vigilant about sanitation and disinfection, and, while you’re at it, you should be just as vigilant about cleanliness. Purchasing new boxes and having them delivered as opposed to reusing old boxes or going out to buy boxes will help lower the possibility of spreading the disease.

Tip #4:  Get a Virtual Moving Quote and Sign Papers Electronically

Many moving companies are offering virtual quotes and providing customers the ability to sign papers electronically now. This will help keep the spreading of germs down by not sharing pens and paper and keeps you from having to leave the house and risk exposure.

Tip #5:  Don’t Involve More People Than Necessary

Moving day can be an exciting and stressful day and you might want family and friends there to help. However, it is recommended that only the essential people needed for the move are there. Minimizing the number of people during the move will help you be able to maintain a safe social distance. Having too many people around during the move could also cause distractions causing the job to go longer than anticipated. By limiting the number of people involved in your move, the process will be more efficient and less dangerous.

Tip #6: Wear a Mask and Gloves

Anyone involved with the move should be required to wear masks and gloves. Both a mask and gloves have been shown to slow the spread of transmission when in contact with others. Make sure to wear these items yourself, along with anyone else who is helping you move, including family and friends.

Tip #7: Pack Everything Efficiently and Tight

Minimizing the number of boxes, tape, and moving items you use will allow for a safer and more efficient move. You can do this by minimizing the amount of empty space in each box and by labeling each one, so you know exactly what is going in each box. Taking these two easy steps will help with both the packing and unpacking process. 

Tip #8: Look for a No-Contact Moving Services

Moving containers can provide a contactless move and put you in control of the process. If you’d still like movers to help but are worried to be in contact with them, consider looking for a contactless moving service. Many moving companies are actually providing this service due to COVID. Or, if you’d prefer to not have movers involved at all, moving containers allow you to manage everything yourself, giving you more peace of mind.

Tip #9: Talk with Your Realtor About the Closing Process

You can’t forget about going through the closing process during your move as well. Talk with your realtor about options for the closing process. Many agencies are offering curbside signing or even virtual closings. Just like talking with your movers about signing everything electronically, you can ask your realtor if you can sign your closing paperwork virtually. Having clear and open communication with your realtor is significant during the move.

Tip #10: Unpack Carefully

The same caution you took with packing everything up should be applied when unpacking as well. Wait 24 hours before unpacking any cardboard boxes. Additionally, sanitize everything when removing items from containers and don’t forget to wear gloves as an extra precaution. Apply these same ideas to your new home as well. Go through and thoroughly disinfect every service before bringing anything inside.

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