Top 5 Tips for Decluttering Before a Move

As you begin the journey toward buying a new home, you may be looking at all the ‘stuff’ collecting in your current dwelling and start to feel a bit overwhelmed. When it comes to letting go of your possessions in order to conserve space in your new home, it can be easier said than done. Before you panic about the process, stop and think about your priorities when it comes to the things you need to bring with you. Read on for five tips to help you during this process.

1. Organize your belongings into ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ piles

 As with moving in general, having good organization is key. Go room by room in your current home and separate the items into three piles - one ‘yes’ pile and two ‘no’ piles. Items in your ‘yes’ pile are all of the items you’d like to keep and have a place for in your new home. Your two ‘no’ piles are for things you need to throw away, like old worn-out clothing or trash, and items that you can donate to your local Goodwill or give away to friends and family.

2. Keep items you love that also serve a purpose

Before you give anything away for good, recognize how it could possibly function in the space you are moving to. Do you really need that shoe organizer in your next home, or would you be better off giving it to a friend? Take a hard look at what you own and determine if you want to keep it, then assign a spot for it in the new house ahead of time to save yourself time and unnecessary stress. 

3. Try to stop acquiring new things

This tends to be a hard tip for homeowners, but it really works. Minimize your shopping for new clothes, books, and other items in the 90 days before you move and while you’re organizing the things taking up space in your current home. Moving in somewhere new can be a tedious process, so you’ll be grateful for having less stuff to move within the long run.

4. Measure your new space and evaluate your storage options

When you move, chances are you’ll be bringing a lot of furniture with you. Once you decide on your new home, bring a tape measure and figure out what pieces of furniture will fit where. If necessary, you might have to look into purchasing a storage unit to store some less frequently used furniture and items that you can’t bear to part with.

5. Remember to stay positive

Letting go of excess belongings is often difficult, but remember you’ll still hold the memories associated with them. You’re ultimately the one in control of what stays and what goes in your home, so know that you’ll make the best decisions for yourself.

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