What to Look for in Your Future Home’s Neighborhood

Searching for a home that checks all your boxes is the main focus for most house hunters, however, checking boxes in the neighborhood of your dream home is just as important. It’s easy to forget about the surroundings of a home when you’re so excited about the inside and all the features. Check out some of those important boxes you should check when looking at the neighborhood of your could-be dream home below!


Safety & Crime

Making sure the community is safe for you and your family should be number one on your list of priorities for a neighborhood. Take note of the neighbors’ safety efforts - have they implemented safety precautions to protect their neighborhood such as a neighborhood watch team or safety signage? Consider what their safety precautions are when thinking about your own. Another good way to check on a neighborhood’s safety is to use websites like SafeWise.com or NeighborhoodScout.com. These sites can help paint a picture of the crime level of an area.



Take a look around for close-by shopping centers and parks. It’s always nice to have these places close by where you could even enjoy a nice stroll through the neighborhood to get to them. The walkability of a location shows how lively the neighborhood could be and can be motivational to get you out and about, especially during today’s life inside. Using WalkScore.com, you can view the ratings in which the walkability is scored based on proximity to restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools and parks of a given neighborhood.


Nearby Schools

Our youth are the future, and we must look out for them in the present. Searching for homes in a community with a great school system can allow for our children to thrive. Even if you don’t have kids, ensuring your new home is located near a great school system can significantly influence its resale value in the future. Websites like GreatSchools.org compare test results from the schools and states to help you make a well-informed decision when comparing nearby schools and the neighborhoods they’re near.


Shopping & Entertainment

An active neighborhood can draw in positive energy and you can feel happier just by being around. Being in a community where there is shopping and entertainment nearby can make for an easy date night or time with the family. When house hunting, drive around the neighborhood a variety of times throughout the day to get a better idea at what the neighborhood is really like. Whatever your preferences may be, a couple of drives around the neighborhood can give you a better idea of these options.


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